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UFC Long Island video highlights: Amanda Lemos submits Michelle Waterson-Gomez with a guillotine

Check out the full fight video highlights of Amanda Lemos submitting Michelle Waterson-Gomez from the UFC on ABC co-main event.

In the UFC Long Island co-main event, the promotion’s #11 ranked strawweight, Amanda Lemos, caught the #10 ranked, Michelle Waterson-Gomez, with a guillotine in the second round. Although the referee missed the tap, Lemos let go of the hold, and Waterson-Gomez respectfully conceded the match. After losing her last match by way of standing arm triangle, Lemos earned some redemption by getting a sub of her own.

Not a lot happened in the opening round. Waterson-Gomez was determined to stay on the outside, and Lemos couldn’t deliver her power, but Michelle wasn’t able to connect with her own strikes either. The second round started with Lemos doing a better job of closing the distance. This prompted Michelle Waterson-Gomez to attack a single leg, but Lemos defended well and jumped on a guillotine to get the tap.

Check out our description of Amanda Lemos tapping out Michelle Waterson-Gomez :


Lemos was doing a better job of getting into the pocket in the second round to land her punches. From there, as Waterson-Gomez went for a takedown, Lemos locked up guillotine. Waterson-Gomez was stuck and elected to tap out. The tap came on the opposite side from where the ref was, so he didn’t see it, but Lemos released the hold nonetheless. Michelle honorably admitted to tapping out and the match was over.

Amanda Lemos def. Michelle Waterson-Gomez by submission (Guillotine) at 1:48 of round 2: Strawweight