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Jake Paul unleashes personal tirade against Conor McGregor after Irishman labels him a ‘nobody’

Jake Paul finally gets his wish.

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YouTuber Jake Paul will take on Hasim Rahman Jr. on Aug. 6 at Madison Square Garden.
Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

YouTuber Jake Paul finally got his wish earlier this week when Conor McGregor called him a ‘flop’ and a ‘nobody’ in response to Paul’s recent appearance on The MMA Hour where he called for a mega-money fight with ‘The Notorious’ in the boxing ring.

“You’re a flop, kid. A nobody,” McGregor wrote.

Paul saw McGregor’s response as an opportunity to unleash a personal tirade against the Irishman on Instagram, something he’s likely been holding on to for some time.

The 5-0 boxer accused McGregor of using steroids among other things, such as ‘sharing hookers with Dana White’. He also claims to be on his way to surpassing McGregor in popularity despite the latter being one of the highest-selling pay-per-view draws of all time and one of the richest athletes in the world.

“Conor, Conor, Conor – you’re more active on Twitter than you are in the octagon,” Paul said (h/t MMA Junkie). “Stop taking Trenbolone and start taking fights. You’re more actively cheating on your wife than you are in the octagon. Your priorities are mixed up. Put down the bottle and get back to fighting. You haven’t won a fight in five f*cking years, and the last time you did was against (Donald) ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone – who hasn’t won a fight against anyone since fighting you.

“I’m a ‘nobody,’ you say in this tweet. Well, yeah, you’re right. I’m just a f*cking kid from Ohio – I really am a nobody. But this is where you fought your sixth fight: There’s literally two people in the crowd. And this is where I’m going to be fighting my sixth fight: Madison Square Garden, the mecca of boxing, Aug. 6. I know you’ll be watching, kiddo.”

“You have a lot to say about me, but I’m sharing millions of dollars with underpaid fighters while you’re sharing hookers with Dana White. Ooops – I’m sorry, Conor. I know your PR team is trying to hide that video. You shouldn’t have f*cked with me, Conor. This is my game. There’s a new king in town. I’m running sh*t now.

“Fix your calcium deficiency, stop breaking your bones, and let’s get in the ring and make $200 million. Conor, no matter how you slice it, we’re just not on the same level. I’m my own boss. Yeah, you made $100 million when you fought Floyd (Mayweather), but Dana took half of it. So no matter what you do or what you make, cut that sh*t in half.

“If we went net worth for net worth, I would sh*t on you, Conor. Put the bottle down, get off of Twitter, get back in the ring and shut the f*ck up or I’m going to put you back on a leash. F*ck you, Conor.”

Paul will return to the boxing ring on Aug. 6 to take Hasim Rahman Jr. (12-1 boxing) at a Showtime Sports event at Madison Square Garden in New York City.