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Jake Paul fumes at Nate Diaz over reporter slap at UFC 276, challenges him to fight

Jake Paul also wants Nate Diaz to get out of his UFC contract.

Nate Diaz watching Nick Maximov vs. Punahele Soriano at the UFC APEX.
Nate Diaz watching Nick Maximov vs. Punahele Soriano at the UFC APEX.
Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Nate Diaz made headlines yesterday for telling Ariel Helwani that he believes he is being held hostage by the UFC. The popular fighter explained that he is desperate to fight out his UFC contract, but that the promotion has been unwilling to book him for the last fight he has on his deal.

A few weeks back Diaz made headlines for something he did backstage at UFC 276. When interviewed by Shawny Mack, a reporter for the Full Send podcast (whose host was just given a $250,000 birthday gift by UFC President Dana White), Diaz swiped at him, knocking his microphone away and then the hat off his head.

Combat sports provocateur Jake Paul has taken exception to this and is now sticking up for Mack (even though we know Paul appreciates a good hat swipe). On Instagram Paul imitated Diaz’s moves before sending a message to one of Stockton’s finest.

“I’ll be your bodyguard,” said Paul after jokingly swiping at Mack (ht sportskeeda).

“Hey Nate, the next time you do that shit, I’m fucking you up Nate. This is my boy, alright? Don’t touch him ever again. I’m going to fuck you up. You get so mad. You get so mad. I’m his bodyguard now. For free. What’s good, Nate Diaz? Stop running from me. Get out of your contract and I’m gonna fuck you up. Peace out.”

We used to think the idea of Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz was totally far-fetched. But now? We are definitely in ‘stranger things have happened’ territory.

Dana White himself recently remarked that Diaz should fight Paul. However that comment takes on a different meaning now, given what Diaz said about the UFC not being willing to release him or grant him his last fight.

White knows full well that a good pay day awaits Nate if he were to box a Paul brother. Whether he clears the way for that happen remains to be seen.