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‘All talk’ - Sean O’Malley slams Petr Yan and Henry Cejudo for clout chasing on social media

Sean O’Malley says Petr Yan and Henry Cejudo are “all talk” on Twitter.

Sean O’Malley talks to the media at the UFC 276 Press Conference Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

Sean O’Malley is looking to have a relatively quick turnaround after his accidental foul against Pedro Munhoz led to an anti-climactic No Contest. The popular prospect took aim at Petr Yan and Henry Cejudo, claiming that they’re “all talk” and just try to get clout on social media.

“T.J. has a fight booked. Jose Aldo has a fight booked. Cory Sandhagen, fight booked. Chito, fight booked. Merab fight booked. Rob Font, still injured. Dominick Cruz, fight booked,” O’Malley said on his YouTube channel as he ran down the rankings. “Now I’m ranked number nine. Only other little f—king weasel on here that doesn’t (have a fight booked) is Petr Yan.

“He said, ‘Hey pink poodle, call me out if you win.’ They didn’t give me the mic to be able to do that, but I feel like he is just like Henry (Cejudo), dude: all talk. Just on Twitter, you could talk. Henry doesn’t want that fight or else we can make it happen. Petr, same thing.”

O’Malley then claimed “there’s no way Petr wants that” because it’s a risk to his number one ranking. He did argue after that he is a money fight and “a title eliminator fighter,” so those ranked above him should accept a fight with him.

“When Chito ‘beat’ me I was not ranked, and his next fight was Jose Aldo, who literally just fought for the belt. So beating me is not like you just beat some random,” O’Malley said. “You get paid, it’s a big fight. I’m a title eliminator fighter.”

O’Malley likes to play this persona and twist reality, so I guess it’s worth noting a couple of things from these quotes. O’Malley isn’t actually ranked number nine, despite his claims that he “beat” Pedro Munhoz after he poked him in the eye. He’s ranked number 12.

He was also calling out Cejudo for September. O’Malley said he’s “all talk” but the former double-champ is literally ineligible to return at that date, and will be out until at least October due to USADA’s rules about retiring and reentering the testing pool.