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Kevin Holland explains why he rejects ‘superhero’ tag after recent heroics

Kevin Holland prefers not to call himself a “superhero” for his recent acts of bravery.

Kevin Holland poses for a photo after his UFC Austin win over Tim Means.
Kevin Holland poses for a photo after his UFC Austin win over Tim Means.
Photo by Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC

Over the last few months, UFC fighter Kevin Holland has been involved in several situations that make him come off as a real-life superhero. From helping apprehend an alleged car thief to subduing a gunman at a Houston restaurant, and most recently, helping a man out of an overturned 18-wheeler truck, “Trailblazer” seemed to have found himself in such situations and got the job done unscathed.

Holland recently sat down with MMA Fighting and spoke in detail about his recent acts of heroism. For him, he was simply doing what should be done during those moments.

“None of them are good, all of them are horrific. The guy who stole somebody’s car — if that was your car, you wouldn’t like the story at all, especially since the car got totaled. The person who ran into the car that totaled it, that was someone’s work vehicle, so I don’t think either one is like that one,” he explained.

“If you were at a sushi bar eating with your family and someone opened fire, I don’t think you would like that either. You’d probably have PTSD from going out to eat.

“If you’ve seen an 18-wheeler flipped over on the side of the road, you’d probably just keep going. I just happened to pull over. If that was your buddy in the 18-wheeler and nobody helped them, you’d probably be like, ‘Damn, what the hell?’

“Everybody’s like, ‘Wow, you’re a superhero, sounds fun,’ until you think about the people in those situations and it’s not that fun,” Holland continued. “It’s just doing the right thing. It’d be nice if people were like, ‘I’m proud of you for doing the right thing,’ instead of, ‘He’s a superhero.’”

Heroics aside, the 29-year-old Holland has been back on the winning track since moving back down to welterweight in March. He last saw action at UFC Austin four weekends ago against Tim Means where he won via second-round submission to cap off a two-fight win streak and improve to a record of (23-7, 1 NC).