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Best Rafael in sports? - Rafael Fiziev calls out Rafael Nadal after UFC win over Rafael dos Anjos

There can only be one!

Day Ten: The Championships - Wimbledon 2022 Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images

Shortly after Rafael Fiziev scored a TKO win over former UFC champion Rafael dos Anjos, he offered up a pretty unique call out. The 29-year-old MMA fighter wants to continue battling Rafael’s and called out the Tennis superstar.

“Now we know who is the best Rafael in the UFC,” Fiziev said on his post-fight interview. “Now we know, and now I want to make a new challenge. Who is the best Rafael in (sports)? Rafael Nadal, come here! Come here!

“Rafael Nadal!” he said again when pressed about who he wants to fight next. “Where is him? I can beat him in his sport too!”

In the post-fight press conference, Fiziev offered to change the rules to keep things more fair.

“First round, tennis. Second round, tennis. Maybe third round, tennis. Okay, round four, tennis. Round five, MMA. Main event!” Fiziev said with a laugh.

While speaking to the media, he eventually did offer up an MMA fighter he would like next.

“Gaethje. If you’re ready, if you’re not scared, if you don’t take shit, let’s go!” Fiziev said.

“He’s also dangerous. He’s a big challenge. He have a lot of chance to knock me out, and I have a lot of chance to knock him out. But that’s a good fight I think, for the fans also,” he said. “He have shit kicks, but he have good power with his hands.”

With his victory over the former lightweight champion, Fiziev has not only won his first UFC main event, he also extended his winning streak in the promotion to six.