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This heated Jake Paul vs. Hasim Rahman Jr. sparring video lead to MSG fight?

The forming sparring partners are due to fight on August 6.

Jake Paul during his open workout ahead of the second Tyron Woodley fight.
Jake Paul during his open workout ahead of the second Tyron Woodley fight.
Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury is dead, again, and maybe for good. The British boxer and reality star was prevented entry to the US, likely due to his brother Tyson Fury’s association with wanted mob boss Daniel Kinahan. This put the kibosh on his August 6 date with Paul, set for New York’s Madison Square Garden.

The first time their fight fell through was last December, when Fury got injured in training. Tyron Woodley stepped in to replace Fury then, and was knocked out cold by ‘The Problem Child’ for his efforts.

This time Hasim Rahman Jr. is replacing Fury, though he will hope any comparisons to Woodley end right there.

Rahman Jr., whose father famously upset Lennox Lewis in 2001 for the WBC, IBF and WBO heavyweight titles, is a former training partner of Paul.

When this match-up was announced some thought the fix was in. However, it seems there may be real animosity between Paul and Rahman Jr. and thus little chance of these former training partners pulling off something scandalous.

Paul released some footage from the gym showing him and Rahman Jr. squabbling in the ring.

“I’ve wanted this fight ever since Hasim ran his big mouth to me 2 years ago in the gym (swipe right),” wrote Paul alongside his post (ht bjpenn). “My brother and manager didn’t want me to take this fight. They said it was too much risk. The New York state athletic commission didn’t want to approve this fight because they said Hasim had too much experience for me. He has over 100 amateur fights. 10x more than Tommy… but I’m built different.”

“I’m psychotic. CHAOTIC. PROBLEMATIC. But “he’s a heavyweight” they said. It don’t matter to me, I’m the fighting flea, they can’t hit me… I’m slippery like butter and with speed like no other. My power is unique and my style is sleek. I’ve made the toughest men weak. I’m not afraid of any man or what “can” happen. No boxer has taken this big of a risk this early in their career. They don’t have my heart, they don’t have my soul, they don’t have my drive, and they definitely don’t have my team. Welcome to history. Take a picture.”

Rahman Jr. is, by far, the most accomplished boxer Paul has faced in his career. He’s 12-1, having suffered his first ever loss last time out (a TKO to James Mackenzie Morrison in April).

Paul is 5-0 but has never faced an actual boxer. The only opponent he’s fought with a pro record was Tyron Woodley, who carried an 0-1 record into their rematch. Paul’s other opponents include former Bellator welterweight champion Ben Askren, former NBA slam dunk champion Nate Robinson and a YouTuber called AnEsonGib.