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Mike Tyson hosts Alex Jones on podcast, calls critics communists for raising concerns

The far-right figure appeared on an episode of Tyson’s ‘Hot Boxin’ podcast that never made air.

Following in Joe Rogan’s footsteps, Mike Tyson became the latest combat sports figure to platform radical right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on his popular podcast.

The legendary boxer hosted Jones on a recent episode of his ‘Hot Boxin’ podcast. However, the episode was reportedly nixed due to pressure from corporate entities.

Tyson also faced backlash from fans who questioned his decision to platform a dangerous conspiracy theorist. The former world champion responded by accusing his critics of communism.

“Communists man,” Tyson said during a recent appearance on Jones’ show. “If he is bad then we all don’t like him and if you like him you’re bad too. That’s communism.”

Jones has long been banned from all major platforms, including Spotify, which canceled ‘The Alex Jones Show’ in 2018 “due to repeated violations of Spotify’s prohibited content policies.”

Jones has peddled conspiracies about white genocide, vaccines, 9/11, and climate change. He claimed that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012 and the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in 2018 were false flag operations, which led to parents of victims and survivors being harassed and threatened.

Despite being a media pariah, Jones has made regular appearances on popular podcasts such as The Joe Rogan Experience. During his most recent appearance in October 2020, Jones discussed his doubts about climate change, Hunter Biden, vaccine concerns, globalists, and the influence of tech companies on freedom of speech.

As for Tyson, his Hot Boxin podcast has hosted notable guests such as William Shatner, Terry Crews, Dennis Rodman, Jimmy Kimmel, LL Cool J, and Snoop Dogg.