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Aljamain Sterling: T.J. Dillashaw ‘definitely moves the needle,’ just ‘ask USADA’

UFC champion Aljamain Sterling takes another dig at ex-titleholder T.J. Dillashaw.

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UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling has been taking shots at T.J. Dillashaw almost every time he gets. For the past year, “Funkmaster” would throw jabs at the former champion for his two-year suspension for EPO use.

In his recent appearance on the JRE MMA Show, Aljo did just that once again. When asked who he’d rather pick as his next challenger, this was his response.

“I think [the UFC] knows who’s the money fight and who moves the needle. I don’t know if it’s Aldo who moves the needle. I know T.J. definitely moves the needle — you can ask USADA. Then Cejudo, so there’s options,” Sterling said (via MMA Fighting).

“If I’m going to be honest, if I just want to fight, like which one would be the best for my legacy? I think T.J. or Aldo in terms of like, ‘I fought this guy.’ Even a [Dominick] Cruz.

“For some reason, I feel like the hardest fight out of all of them is Aldo.”

Speaking of harder fights, Sterling says that unlike many of his peers, he’d rather pick a challenger he’d have an “easier time with.”

“These guys are so stupid. It annoys me. I’m an honest guy,” he said. “I would want to pick the fight that I feel I would have the easier time with and keep that belt. I’m trying to cash out. I’m trying to get paid. You’re not in this position all the time.”

Sterling solidified his champion status at UFC 273 in April when he defeated Petr Yan in their rematch. And as for fighting “No Mercy” for the third time, he had this to say.

“I don’t want to fight him again right now. had to think about this guy for almost 24 months. I’d like to see a different face. I feel like we’re married. It’s like a sour relationship at this point.”