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Masvidal slams ‘coward f—k’ Covington; prefers to settle Michel Pereira beef ‘in the street’

Jorge Masvidal speaks about his rifts with Colby Covington, and most recently, with fellow welterweight Michel Pereira.

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Jorge Masvidal may be dealing with some legal troubles at the moment, but that isn’t stopping him from being his brash self. In his recent appearance on The MMA Hour, he addressed two of his other ongoing issues: one with ex-training partner Colby Covington and most recently, with fellow welterweight Michel Pereira.

With regards to the Covington case, “Gamebred” once again asserted his innocence. He also had some words for “Chaos.”

“Allegedly this, allegedly that. But I’m innocent. I’m not guilty,” Masvidal told Ariel Helwani.

“I’m facing three felonies if you wanna know the exact truth. And yeah, it’s still pending. This guy’s a coward f—k, so what can you expect from a coward f—k like him?”

The UFC ‘BMF’ champ spoke at greater length about Pereira, whom he’d recently had a social media rift with. The issue involved Pereira’s wife Gina Amir, which Masvidal already clarified.

But in this recent interview, he says he’d rather settle the issue with ‘Demolidor’ outside of the UFC cage.

“If he wants to scrap, when I see his bitch ass somewhere, I’ll scrap him,” Masvidal said of Pereira. “But, as far as, like, getting money or him being a ranked guy or somebody that I care to fight? No. He doesn’t fit any of those categories.

“He has to make up these fictitious stories about me wanting his chick. I don’t even remember too much what she looks like, but I could really care less about a chick that’s married.

“As far as me and this f–ker goes, if he sees me in the street, then we could talk about it. But getting in the cage? Bro, you’re literally a nobody.

“Maybe you should try out for, like, Olympic diving because that’s the type of shit you’re doing.”

Masvidal (35-16) has also been beefing with UFC star Conor McGregor, as of late, calling for a fight at 170 pounds, in the process. He last fought in March at UFC 272 against Covington and lost via decision, marking his third straight defeat.