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Conor McGregor vs. Jorge Masvidal gaining traction as insults continue to fly online

Conor McGregor tweeted and deleted a mom comment to Jorge Masvidal today.

Both Conor McGregor and Jorge Masvidal are coming off decisive losses to bitter rivals. The Irishman is a year out from a serious leg injury suffered in a TKO defeat to Dustin Poirier. And ‘Gamebred’ is reeling after losing a lopsided decision to teammate turned enemy Colby Covington.

With both man needing an exciting match-up (and a win) to get their UFC careers back on track, it shouldn’t be too surprising that they’ve singled each other out as a potential meal ticket.

McGregor and Masvidal have been exchanging barbs for the last few days. Masvidal gave some of the more in-depth statements on a potential match-up when chatting with MMA Fighting’s Damon Martin.

“Conor doesn’t want the fight,” Masvidal claimed. “If he did he’d post something, he’d say something. He’d probably just insult my mom or some relative of mine or my nation where I come from. He’ll say something like that but he won’t say anything about a fight or a fight date. So the Conor thing, he just wants it ‘I hope it goes away’ because he really doesn’t want to fight. He doesn’t mention [me] or say anything.”

“I think the only thing that makes him want to get out of bed is cocaine,” continued Masvidal. “That’s OK, every man has a free will. You do whatever you want. But don’t say you’re a fighter and don’t take cheap shots at me, especially the things that he’s been saying, talking about my legal problems and this and that.

“You’re a f****** p****. We could do it man-to-man in the cage and just once and for all and get paid a handsome reward while doing it. So if this individual doesn’t want to do it, [because] he knows what’s going to happen.”

McGregor responded to this earlier today, tweeting “Insult your mom? What a loser you are mate. Me and your mom get along.”

McGregor then deleted the tweet, as he often does.

And Masvidal couldn’t resist firing back, tweeting: “Yeah my mom loves you man. She knows you are about to be the biggest paycheck for me and a relatively easy fight.”

McGregor’s shine has worn off considerably since he snatched the UFC lightweight title in 2016. Since then he’s lost to Floyd Mayweather in the boxing ring and gone 1-3 in the Octagon. Along the way he has collected numerous controversies involving pub punch-ups, driving offences and investigations over sexual assault.

McGregor fought twice in 2021, losing both contests to Poirier by TKO. Now recovered from a broken leg it seems as though McGregor will return to action later this year.

Among the opponents mentioned for possible comeback fights are Charles Oliveira (for a lightweight title), Michael Chandler and Tony Ferguson. However, due to this ongoing online spat Masvidal may now be in pole position to welcome ‘Notorious’ back to action.

Masvidal is currently on a three fight losing streak. That skid began when he took on UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman, on short notice, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He lost that title fight by unanimous decision. His next fight came against Usman a year later. Masvidal lost that bout by KO.

In March he lost to Covington. It is alleged that weeks after the fight Masvidal ambushed and assaulted Covington outside a Miami restaurant. Masvidal has been charged with aggravated battery causing great bodily harm and criminal mischief in relation to that incident.