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Danny Sabatello fined $5,000 for cursing in post-fight interview at Bellator 282

Sabatello knew a fine was coming and must now pay $5,000 for the language used in his post-fight interview. 

Bellator MMA bantamweight contender Danny Sabatello.
Bellator MMA bantamweight contender Danny Sabatello.
Lucas Noonan/Bellator MMA

Danny Sabatello was warned against using his profanity after his unanimous decision win over Leandro Higo at Bellator 282 this past Friday. But ‘The Italian Gangster’ did not heed said warning and let the expletives fly in his post-fight interview with ‘Big’ John McCarthy.

“I was told if I swore in my post-fight interview, I might get fined,” said Sabatello. “So it’s a good thing I don’t give a f—k! I just beat an absolute animal and not one of you is going to do s—t! You want to do something? Come in here right now and do something.”

The Mohegan Tribe Department of Athletic Regulation (MTDAR) did indeed do something and fined Sabatello $5,000 for abusive language. President of the MTDAR Mike Mazzulli told Steven Marrocco of MMA Fighting that Sabatello broke Rule 21 of the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts (use of abusive language in the fighting area), which states:

“The use of abusive language is not allowed during MMA competition. It is the sole responsibility of the referee to determine when language crosses over the line to abusive. It should be clear that fighters can talk during a match. The mere use of auditory language is not a violation of this rule. Examples of abusive language would be (racially motivated or derogatory language).”

Mazzulli also confirmed that Sabatello could appeal the decision.

Sabatello found out he was fined during an appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani on Monday. The brash bantamweight responded with even more expletives and said the decision would not stop him from using them before or after a fight in the fight.

“Yeah, that’s f—king bulls—t,” said Sabatello. “That’s such f—king bulls—t. But you know what, I don’t care. If I fight there again, I’m telling you right now, I’m going to do the same s—t. You can keep f—king fining me. Nothing is going to deter me from being myself, and also, it wouldn’t do justice to the fans. I want the fans to understand exactly who they’re dealing with. That’s who I am. That’s my personality. Fine me. Who gives a f—k? It’s just money anyways.”

Sabatello moved one step closer to the Bellator Bantamweight Grand Prix finals with his win over Higo. The American Top Team product will now meet the interim champion Raufeon Stots in his next appearance.

Stots won the interim championship with a third-round knockout of Juan Archuleta at Bellator 279 this past April.