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Jake Paul mocks, raises Tyson Fury, calls for $3 million bet against brother

Paul is looking for a major wager ahead of his next fight.

Jake Paul’s Funniest Moments

Jake Paul’s next foray into the boxing ring seems to be settled with ‘The Problem Child’ signed to take on Tommy Fury at Madison Square Garden on August 6. The pair were supposed to fight in December. However, an injury to Fury—involving a so-called ‘230 lb idiot’—scuppered the deal.

When Fury bowed out of the contest, former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley stepped in. Woodley was hoping to avenge his split decision loss to Paul last summer. However, that didn’t go well and Woodley suffered a face-plant KO.

The win gave Paul a 5-0 record in pro boxing. A story-line that got plenty of play throughout the Paul vs. Woodley saga was a side bet both men had agreed to. The pair put their skin in the game in a big way, promising to get the other man’s name tattooed on their body if they lost.

After Woodley lost the first bout there was a prolonged back and forth over his new tattoo. Eventually Woodley got Paul’s name inked on the underside of his middle finger.

Before the Fury fight fell through last year, Paul had engineered a side bet there, too. He ensured that Fury had to change his name—legally—to Tommy Fumbles if he lost the fight.

It doesn’t seem as though that stipulation has been applied to this current match-up. However, Paul might have a more lucrative bet in the works.

Paul took to Twitter to share that Fury’s older brother, heavyweight boxing champ Tyson Fury, had suggested a $100,000 bet on the fight. Paul said he wanted to raise the stakes, considerably.

“Tyson Fury, who made $40 million last year, is willing to bet $100K on his brother,” said Paul (ht MMA Mania). “Oh my god. We’re shaking. Hey, Tyson, you fucking pussy, you made $40 million. I know it wasn’t as much as me, but let’s up the ante. Let’s bet $1 million on it, Tyson. $2 million. $3 million. However much you want to fuckking bet. Let’s do it. Are you down?”

“I can tell when they’re scared,” he continued. “But me, I’m a cold motherfucker. I’ll bet anyone. Any time, any place. So fuck your $100K. Let’s make this a better bet and make it worth a couple million. Are you down?”

Fury seems to have agreed to a $1 million bet. However, in accepting the wager he remarked that he didn’t think Paul actually had that kind of money. Maybe he has been paying attention to the latest crypto-crash.