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Video: Stevie Ray submits Anthony Pettis with modified body triangle at PFL 5

It’s an all too familiar feeling for ‘Showtime.’

Stevie Ray submitted Anthony Pettis at PFL 5.
Stevie Ray submitted Anthony Pettis at PFL 5.

On an upset-filled night at PFL 5, Stevie Ray over Anthony Pettis wasn’t really a major shock in terms of the betting lines. What was the shock was how it materialized.

Ray submitted the former UFC lightweight champion in the second round with a modified body triangle. You can see Pettis in pain as he tried to scramble out of the body triangle. It almost looks like a twister and while it isn’t quite that, it’s still incredibly painful to look at and surely to experience.

This is yet another bad experience for Pettis and body triangles. You may recall back in 2017 he tapped to a Dustin Poirier body triangle, and it was revealed afterward that he suffered a fractured rib. When the fight was over, Pettis was holding his ribs so perhaps history has repeated itself. It’s the biggest win of Ray’s career and it clinches a playoff spot.

The good news for Pettis is that his win over Myles Price, which netted him 6 points through his first-round submission, was enough for him to secure both a playoff spot and the #1 overall seed. His semifinal matchup, should he be able to actually compete this August, will be against none other than... Stevie Ray.