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Sonnen: Fans want to see ‘fat ass’ Jon Jones ‘get beat’ at heavyweight

“We don’t need to see your fat ass out there.”

Jon Jones vacated the UFC light heavyweight title in 2020 to focus on his much-hyped transition to the heavyweight division. We’re now halfway into 2022, but there is still no word on when fans will see “Bones” against bigger, stronger opponents in his new weight class.

And as time progresses with no updates on Jones’ heavyweight debut, doubts are continuing to build up. Former rival Chael Sonnen, for one, offered an alternate perspective on what he thinks is the fans’ real sentiments about Jones moving up in weight.

“Hey Jon, what are you weighing?” Sonnen said in a recent YouTube video he uploaded. “What are you weighing, ‘cause this whole heavyweight thing was only contingent on us, the audience believing with some kind of reasonable hope that you’re finally gonna get your ass kicked. That’s it.

“We don’t need to see you at heavyweight. We don’t need to see your fat ass out there. We wanna see you get beat. That’s it.”

In September, Jones spoke about possibly making his debut in the second quarter of this year. But in a series of tweets he posted in April, Jon mentioned possibly holding it off for September to wait for fellow ex-champion Stipe Miocic to be ready.