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Ricardo Ramos breaks down spinning elbow KO of Danny Chavez: ‘He had nowhere to run’

Ricardo Ramos explains the thought process behind his latest win at UFC Austin.

Featherweight prospect Ricardo Ramos scored the second spinning knockout of his UFC career, and it was no lucky strike. According to ‘Carcacinha’ the spinning elbow that knocked Danny Chavez out cold at UFC Austin was a planned and very drilled strike during his camp.

In an interview with Super Lutas’ YouTube channel, the Brazilian broke down what he was thinking moments before landing the fight-ending blow. The way Ramos puts it, the whole thing boiled down to the moment when he knew Chavez was cornered and could not escape the spinning elbow.

“I took advantage of all of his body weight that moving towards me,” Ramos said. “His weight is what made this strike possible. All I did was spin. He had nowhere to run, because he had his back against the cage.

“I faked a takedown and when I saw him against the cage, it was a matter of seconds before I decided to throw the spinning elbow. This is a strike I drill, it was automatic, so it came out. That was a good thing, because it landed beautifully.”

The win helped Ramos (16-4) recover from a unanimous decision loss to Zubaira Tukhugov, back in October 2021. Before that, the 26-year-old also scored a unanimous decision win over Bill Algeo, in May of the same year. In his second UFC fight, Ricardo scored another spinning back elbow knockout, over Aiemann Zahabi, back in November 2017.