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Joe Lauzon provides update on knee injury that led to fight-day cancellation at UFC Austin

The UFC veteran was ready to fight at UFC Austin after fixing his knee, but it was too late. 

In a strange twist of fate, Joe Lauzon has recovered from the knee injury that forced him to withdraw from UFC Austin.

The fight between Lauzon and Donald Cerrone was canceled again, this time because of an injury suffered by ‘J-Lau’ following the official weigh-ins on Friday. He explained that his left knee locked up after he stepped down from the scale and went to put socks on, which left him unable to stand or walk.

Several hours after the UFC announced Lauzon vs. Cerrone was off, the Lauzon MMA product shared an update on his knee. To the surprise of everyone, it was no longer an issue.

“So you can’t make this up, but my knee works again,” said Lauzon. “Someone sent me a video maybe an hour ago on Instagram about like, ‘This sounds like something I deal with with my knee. You should check out this video.’ And it was 100 percent, everything was exactly the problem I was having. It was called a ‘fib-fib’ dislocation.

“So basically the bones in my leg were dislocated,” continued Lauzon. “That’s why we couldn’t get it back. So I did the exercise in the video and it popped back in. It’s insane. My leg fully works. I will hop, walk, jump. I literally could not put socks on. I couldn’t lift my foot off the bed. I couldn’t stand, I couldn’t put any weight on it, I couldn’t do anything for the last day and a half. I had to try and hobble and I couldn’t even hop on one foot because I couldn’t take my foot shaking. It was horrible.”

Lauzon lamented over not having the video earlier, so he could still compete this past Saturday. Actually, the UFC veteran tried to get to fight green-lit again but was told it was too late.

“I wish I had this video yesterday or this morning before the fight got called off,” said Lauzon. “We contacted the UFC, we tried to make it, to see if Cowboy was still around so we could still fight, but it was too late. I think he’s at the fights, but the UFC said we couldn’t do it, so it sucks.

“Sorry to everyone again, this whole entire situation super sucks. I don’t know what’s going to happen. We’ll see.”

Lauzon and Cerrone hoped to reschedule the fight for the third time, but UFC president Dana White said that would not happen.