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Dana White: ‘Multi-millionaire’ Amanda Nunes is not the same ‘hungry savage’

UFC president Dana White says Amanda Nunes’ supposed elevated financial status could play a factor in her rematch against Julianna Peña.

For the first time in seven years, Amanda Nunes tasted defeat at UFC 269 last December at the hands of Julianna Peña. “The Lioness” lost the women’s bantamweight title that night, but she will have her second crack at Peña at UFC 277.

UFC president Dana White spoke with ESPN’s Brett Okamoto recently to speak about the said matchup. And according to him, Nunes’ major life changes after becoming an undisputed champion could become a factor in the rematch.

“The question is for Amanda, and this is what happens to all fighters. You know the big narrative that we don’t pay anybody. Amanda’s rich. Amanda’s a multi-millionaire who is now at a completely different financial status. She has a baby now,” White said.

“Her life, she’s not that hungry savage she was when she started to take this run at becoming a world champion. A lot of that factors in.”

As for Peña:

“And now, Julianna’s at a place where she beat her. Julianna’s starting to see a lot of the things that come along with being a world champion now. Financially, popularity as you get out in the world…

“That belt is the key that opens a lot of doors. I’m sure she wants to get to that Amanda Nunes level, financially and everything else.

“All that stuff factors into the fight. And those were all questions I can’t answer.”

Peña and Nunes are currently opposing coaches of the 30th season of the Ultimate Fighter. Their rematch happens on July 30th in Dallas.