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‘I will rip your heart out and tear it to shreds’ — jacked Bob Sapp calls out Mike Tyson

Bob Sapp cuts a video promo calling out Mike Tyson.

Mike Tyson vs. Bob Sapp, anyone?

Tyson was expected to lock horns with Sapp in the boxing ring back in 2003, but the fight never came to fruition.

Fast forward to 2022, however, and there appears to be renewed interest in the matchup.

Heavyweight great Tyson revealed earlier this year that he was supposed to fight Sapp in 2020 but instead ended up facing Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition match.

Sapp pointed this out in a recent video promo where he called out Tyson and promised to rip ‘Iron Mike’s’ heart out in a fight under Queensberry rules.

Sapp, currently training in Thailand, is super-jacked in the video and wants to throw down with Tyson ASAP.

Here’s what the 350-pound behemoth had to say (h/t “Mike, now we all know what happened when you and I talked about the fight. I sent you a photo along with this sentence: ‘Mike if you fight me I will rip your heart out and tear it to shreds.’ And it still applies.”

“As for you, Mike. I’ve got a challenge for you,” Sapp continued. “Since you stopped running, listen to me for a second. You and me and two of my best fighters vs two of your best fighters. Stand up, Marquess of Queensbury Rules. Because you’re too scared to fight one on one. I’ll take all of you on, punk boxers. I like little Michael. I like little Michael. That’s my challenge you know my age. Fight me. Or my crew.”

Sapp, who has fought in boxing, kickboxing, and MMA, was last seen in action in 2018 when he defeated retired Sumo Ōsunaarashi Kintarō in a mixed martial arts bout under the Rizin banner. He won the fight via unanimous decision.

Tyson hasn’t fought since his 2020 exhibition with Jones, which was scored a draw. The former undisputed heavyweight champion turns 56 later this month but is still in tremendous shape and would only need a few weeks of training to prepare for Sapp.