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Conor McGregor puts healed broken leg to the test in new training video

Conor McGregor is inching towards an Octagon return.

Conor McGregor Body Language Breakdown

Last July Conor McGregor’s trilogy fight with Dustin Poirier ended unexpectedly when the former featherweight and lightweight champion suffered a fractured tibia and fibula towards the end of the first round. Slow motion video revealed that the Irishman likely damaged his leg when one of his kicks collided with the point of Poirier’s elbow.

The broken leg resulted in a TKO loss for McGregor. That loss came on the heels of another, more conventional, TKO loss to Poirier a few months prior. Since then McGregor has been inundating us with training footage (when he’s not making threats online or getting into scuffles with celebrities).

His latest release, which is also branded content for Walmart, includes—for the first time since his injury—McGregor throwing full power kicks at a heavy bag. Watch below to see how McGregor’s recently healed limb holds up.

This video might be an indication that McGregor is getting close to a return to the Octagon. Adding to that speculation is the fact that UFC President Dana White has been talking up a potential fight between McGregor and former title challenger Michael Chandler.

McGegor appearances in MMA have been few and far between since his boxing adventure in 2017. Since then he fought once in 2018, once in 2020 and twice last year. Over that span he’s gone 1-3, with his sole win being a quick TKO against Donald Cerrone.

In addition to the two losses to Poirier, McGregor was also defeated by Khabib Nurmagomedov by neck crank.