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‘No f—king way!!’ - Watch Dana White freak out in live reaction to Prochazka vs Teixeira at UFC 275

Watch video of Dana White’s live reaction to the crazy UFC 275 main event.

Dana White wasn’t in attendance in Singapore for UFC 275 because of his son’s birthday, but he still managed to watch what was probably their wildest show of the year. The UFC President streamed live on Instagram as he was watching the event, and this is how he reacted to the crazy main event fight between Jiri Prochazka and Glover Teixeira.

Perhaps just like how many fans and fighters reacted, White was seen freaking out about the back-and-forth action and Prochazka’s no-hooks rear naked choke finish to win the title.

“He’s f—king choking him... He tapped?!?! No way!!! No f—king way!! Jiri f—king tapped him out! No way! No way! What a f—king fight. What an absolute f—king war, man. Shit, my phone is f—king blowing up.”

Unknown to most onlookers, but that finish from Prochazka in the last minute was clutch. As judges scorecards showed, without the submission, Teixeira would’ve been literally seconds away from retaining his belt.

After such a wild event with insane finishes, the UFC brass — likely White included — decided to give every stoppage on the card a $50,000 performance bonus for their efforts.