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Video: Top Russian MMA prospect sucker punches, stomps man for PDA in shopping mall

Sharaputdin Magomedov was angered by seeing a man kiss his own girlfriend in a public space.

Sharaputdin Magomedov competing at Fight Nights Global.
Sharaputdin Magomedov competing at Fight Nights Global.
YouTube / Fight Nights Global TV

Sharaputdin Magomedov, a 28-year-old 8-0 MMA fighter, was arrested recently after an incident at a shopping mall in Makhachkala, Dagestan. Video of the incident appears to show that Magomedov got into a fight with a stranger because that stranger was engaged in a public display of affection.

You can see what happened below, courtesy of Twitter user @Matysek88.

The video purportedly shows Magomedov, wearing brown shorts, travelling down an escalator behind a man and a woman. The couple exchange a kiss during the ride down. Magomedov then appears to speak into the man’s ear.

When everyone reaches the bottom of the escalator the man and Magomedov exchange more words. The man then appears to lash out at Magomedov. A brawl ensues and multiple bystanders rush in to try and separate the two.

The available video then jumps forwards and appears to show Magomedov waiting around a corner to ambush the man. When the man comes within striking distance, Magomedov levels him with a brutal punch and then stomps on his head just as he hits the ground. The man then appears to be unconscious. Bystanders then push Magomedov and begin attending to the stricken man.

According to LowKick MMA Magomedov was charged with hooliganism and disturbing public order for his part in this incident.

Magomedov released a statement on what happened. He defended his actions when it came to confronting the couple, but admitted that he took things too far.

“One has to understand the situation, in Makhachkala there are unwritten rules, a kind of moral code of our own,” he said (via Sport1). “In Moscow it is acceptable [to show affection in public], but with us it is not acceptable. I could not shut up”.

“If it was a tourist or a stranger then you could just ask him to stop,” he continued. “I just wanted to tell him he was not behaving properly but I could not convey my message. He took it wrongly, there’s also a matter of pride – he hit me. It was unexpected, I suggested we talk about it – but he hit me. My last blow was definitely not necessary.”

Magomedov is the current Arena Global light heavyweight champion and a veteran of the Fight Nights Global promotion. All eight of his pro wins have come via stoppage (5 TKO, 3 KO).

In addition to his MMA wins he holds a Glory kickboxing victory over current UFC fighter Blood Diamond.