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UFC 275 results: Matthews mauls Fialho, Maddalena stops Emeev with liver shot

On the UFC 275 PPV main card, Jake Matthews wrecked Andre Fialho with some prolific striking, and then Jack Della Maddalena dropped Ramazan Emeev with a wicked liver shot.

Jack Della Maddalena stopped Ramazan Emeev with a wicked liver shot on the UFC 275 PPV main card
Jack Della Maddalena stopped Ramazan Emeev with a wicked liver shot on the UFC 275 PPV main card
Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

The UFC 275 PPV main card kicked off with back-to-back welterweight matchups, with one ending in the first thanks to a body shot, and the other finishing up in the second thanks to some incredible punches in bunches.

The second bout on the main card was a coming out party for the striking of Jake Matthews, who viciously knocked out Andre Fialho in the second round. Fialho tried to apply pressure, but Matthews was ready for it with some solid boxing of his own coupled with some crisp counters. The right of Jake was routinely finding a home, and once the left hook entered the game, that’s when Fialho started to involuntarily skate around the Octagon. Ultimately is was the right hand that slumped Fialho up against the fence, securing the first knockout of Matthews’ UFC career. I don’t think I’ve ever felt a bigger need to see Jake Matthews compete again.

Opening up the PPV main card, Jack Della Maddalena picked up a brilliant first-round TKO of Ramazan Emeev. After escaping a really tight anaconda attempt, Maddalena stood up and let his boxing prowess shine through. It was a left hook to the liver that sat down Emeev, and then a couple of follow up strikes sealed the deal. This is two UFC fights for Maddalena thus far, and two first-round finishes. In his post-fight interview, Jack Della stated that he was willing to fight later in the night any of the UFC 275 fighters happened to pull out. This guy is all the fun!

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Main card:

Jake Matthews def. Andre Fialho by KO at 2:24 of round 2: Welterweight

Fialho pressed his opponent right away, launching punches and backing up Matthews. After Fialho landed a couple of lefts, and then Matthews responded with some kicks to the head and also the calf. Matthews started to counter Fialho, scoring points and being the busier fighter. Fialho was being patient, but did land a right at the end of the round that caused Matthews to back pedal and trip to the floor.

Matthews countered Fialho with a big right hand that staggered him, and then quickly followed up with another right that staggered Andre again. The right hand of Jake was doing work, and then the left hook entered the game to do some more damage. Fialho was in all sorts of trouble, trying to swing back while hurt. This allowed Matthews to connect with another right hand that finished off Fialho, causing him to buckle up against the cage. What a performance from Matthews!

Jack Della Maddalena def. Ramazan Emeev by TKO at 2:32 of round 1: Welterweight

Emeev opened the match with some jabs and crosses, before shooting in and getting the fight to the floor. He then locked up a standing anaconda choke, and it was tight, but Maddalena found a way to escape. Maddalena stood to his feet and started unloading his hands. He overwhelmed Emeev with combinations to the head, and then landed a perfect hook to the liver that caused Ramazan to drop. Maddalena landed a couple more punches before the referee stepped in and stopped the bout.