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Brutal front kick KO!! - Tony Ferguson vs Michael Chandler full fight video highlights from UFC 274

Watch highlights from the UFC 274 main card bout.

As part of the UFC 274 PPV card, long term MMA veterans Tony Ferguson and Michael Chandler faced off in a battle between two renowned action fighters. Ferguson came into the contest after suffering three straight rough losses. It became four after this bout, and the finish was even more brutal than before.

Seconds into the second round, Chandler landed a perfectly placed front kick that put Ferguson out cold. He faceplanted and was motionless for an extended period, in what was a pretty concerning scene.

Watch highlights of the contest below, along with a snippet from the play-by-play of the contest.

Michael Chandler vs. Tony Ferguson - Round 1

They meet in the middle. Chandler bouncing in and out of range. Ferguson checking low kicks. Ferguson catches Chandler and puts him down! He’s following up and hurts Chandler again. Crowd roaring TONY! TONY! Ferguson lands a right, eats a left hand. Chandler swings and misses badly. Chandler staggered again. Starting to fight wild and getting caught by Ferguson. Chandler shoots for a beautiful double leg that puts Ferguson on his back. Ferguson throwing kicks and elbows from the bottom. Goes for an arm bar. Chandler cut. Ferguson kicks him away. Chandler dives back into Ferguson’s guard. Chandler scores from the top. Ref warns Ferguson for grabbing the fence. Does it again. Warned again. Ferguson looking for a kimura. Nope. Ferguson cut. More punches from Chandler. Ground and pound adding up as the round ends.

Michael Chandler vs. Tony Ferguson - Round 2

Chandler lands an incredible soccer kick to the chin and Tony Ferguson is out cold!

Result: Michael Chandler def. Tony Ferguson via KO (kick) at 0:17 of Round 2.