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UFC 274 results: Michael Chandler KO’s Tony Ferguson with vicious front kick for the ages

Michael Chandler just pulled off a wicked Knockout of the Year candidate front kick to the face on Tony Ferguson on the UFC 274 PPV main card.

The UFC 274 PPV main card was just graced with one of the cleanest knockouts you will ever see! “Iron” Michael Chandler unloaded a ferocious front kick to the face of Tony Ferguson that put himont on impact in the second round. Tony went limp and face planted, and then Chandler enjoyed his walk off knockout by doing a quartet of backflips. Ferguson was down for some time, but did come to and attended the official decision.

Chandler has produced some stellar KO’s in his day, but this one is the greatest. In his post-fight interview, a fired up Chandler called for rematch with Charles Oliveira or Justin Gaethje, and also called out one Conor McGregor.

The match started and Ferguson came out showing a bunch of different looks. He then scored an early knockdown with a stiff straight left, but Chandler quickly stood to his feet. Chandler was really loading up on his punches, and Ferguson was cutting him off with counters because of it. Chandler then blasted a takedown to get on top, and had to navigate an active guard. A couple of big blows dropped down, cutting open Ferguson around his left eye. That’s where the round came to an end.

The second round started and Chandler uncorked a front kick to the face that put Ferguson out cold. No follow up was needed. HOLY SMOKES!

Michael Chandler def. Tony Ferguson by KO at :17 of round 2: Lightweight