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Italian investigation into Conor McGregor’s alleged DJ attack could take two years

The UFC star is accused of breaking Francesco Facchinetti’s nose.

Conor McGregor during his 2021 trip to Italy.
Conor McGregor during his 2021 trip to Italy.
Photo by MEGA/GC Images

Last October former UFC champion Conor McGregor was accused of committing an unprovoked attack against Italian celebrity Francesco Facchinetti. Facchinetti, a DJ who appears in Italy’s versions of The X Factor and The Voice, pressed charges against McGregor claiming the fighter broke his nose.

According to Facchinetti’s lawyer Matteo Sergio Calori the police investigation into this matter is still ongoing (per Irish Mirror). Calori has also stated that a resolution in this case could be a long ways away.

“The preliminary investigations under Italian law could take up to two years,” he said. Calori added that he did not know what stage the investigation was at; so all he and his client can do is wait.

The alleged attack against Facchinetti happened at Rome’s luxury St. Regis Hotel. Faccinetti has claimed that he and McGregor chatted at the hotel for around two hours before McGregor, without warning, struck him in the face.

Shortly after reporting the matter to police Facchinetti told local media that he wouldn’t rescind the charges, not even if he were offered $10 million.

This alleged incident with Facchinetti occurred just weeks after McGregor scuffled with recording artist Machine Gun Kelly on the red carpet of the MTV Music Awards. That incident didn’t lead to any police charges.

In 2019 McGregor plead guilty to assault and was fined $1,000 for punching an elderly man in a Dublin pub. McGregor was caught on camera striking the man after it appeared he refused a free drink of McGregor’s Proper Twelve brand whiskey.

McGregor appeared twice in the Octagon in 2021. His first appearance was a second round TKO loss to Dustin Poirier. The second appearance was also a TKO loss to Poirier, due to a gruesome leg injury suffered by McGregor.

McGregor now appears to be fully healed from his injury. It is believed he will make a return to action before the end of the year.