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Justin Gaethje explains why he wants to ‘punch a hole’ in ‘piece of sh-t’ Colby Covington’s face

Justin Gaethje didn’t have kind words for Colby Covington.

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UFC 274 title challenger Justin Gaethje isn’t shy about expressing dislike towards Colby Covington. “The Highlight” made these sentiments known during the UFC 268 press conference last November.

During his pre-fight appearance on the Full Send podcast, Gaethje once again took shots at “Chaos.”

“Please have someone attack me (in public). That sounds awesome,” he said. “If you can, set it up with Colby. That would be great. I would love to f—ng punch a hole in that motherf—r’s face. He’s a piece of shit.”

As for why, Gaethje first brought up Covington’s personal attacks towards his close training partner Kamaru Usman. Then he told a story about one of their personal encounters during a Donald Trump rally in 2020.

“He was around me one day, we went to a Trump rally. And he was there, and he was respectful. And then right when we left, he got on the internet and started talking shit. I don’t respect that.

“If you’ve got something to say, say it to my face. And it’s just fake. He’s just trying to bring attention to himself. And I get it. I make money with my fighting, he makes money with his mouth,” he said.

“If we wanted to make money on fighting, he’d be a broke motherf—r. And that’s just the name of the game. He’d be fired.”

In the same interview, Gaethje says he likely isn’t moving weight classes, so a fight with Covington is unlikely. Nonetheless, he gave his take on what happens if they do duke it out.

“I think he’s a great fighter, but he sucks to watch. If I fought him in the cage, he would probably beat me because of his size, the ability to move forward, his ability to grapple. But in a street fight, there’s no f—ng chance,” Gaethje said.

“In a street fight, I’ll grab a f—ng brick and hit him in the head. Can’t do that in this sport. There’s rules here and in the street, there’s no such thing as rules.”

On the topic of street fights, Gaethje also gave his opinion on the Jorge Masvidal-Covington situation. This time, he is backing Colby in filing charges against “Gamebred.”

“I think the only rule (in street fights) is don’t hit someone from the back. So I’m definitely on his side when it comes to what happened with Masvidal. I think that was a bitch move.

“I don’t think you can ever blindly attack someone. That’s not a society that I wanna live in. And if we do go there, then I will win. I don’t wanna go there.”

Gaethje will enter his second undisputed UFC title fight this weekend when he faces defending champion Charles Oliveira in the headliner.