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It’s a ‘miracle’ - Rose Namajunas says getting slam KO’d healed her neck injuries

Rose Namajunas’ neck problems got cured?

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UFC 237: Namajunas v Andrade Photo by Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images

Rose Namajunas got brutally knocked out in her first match up against Jessica Andrade, as she got slammed on her head and finished during their 2019 title bout. It was a tough scene to watch for some, but despite the concussive hit to the brain, apparently it did bring Namajunas some good.

Namajunas claims her lingering neck injuries might have gotten healed after the slam, with the UFC champion calling it a “miracle.”

“With Joanna, I would say even though I had been in a five-round fight before that, the rematch with her was the real first war that I had. I had to weather a little bit of damage. With Andrade, that was a complete total stripping away of any innocence,” Namajunas told “Morning Kombat” (transcript via Shak Mahjouri). “I got slammed on my neck [in the first fight] and then I got my nose broken in the second fight.

“The first fight was so different from the second fight as far as I didn’t really sustain any damage even though I got KO’ed. Actually, the neck problems that I had went away after getting slammed on my neck, which is kind of weird and sort of a miracle for me.”

Namajunas faces Carla Esparza at UFC 274 this weekend as her second defense of her strawweight title.