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Graphic: Australian MMA prospect suffers gruesome leg break seconds into title defense

Becker lost his lightweight championship after breaking his leg at Eternal MMA 66. 

Jack Becker snaps his leg at Eternal MMA 66 on Sunday.
Jack Becker snaps his leg at Eternal MMA 66 on Sunday.
Screenshot from Eternal MMA fight on Instagram.

Jack Becker is in good spirits after suffering a gruesome injury seconds into his fight against Aidan Aguilera at Eternal MMA 66 this past Sunday.

Becker was defending his lightweight championship against Aguilera when something unfortunate happened. Becker threw a low kick that was checked by Aguilera, which led to his right leg snapping. When Becker tried to step on it, he immediately fell to the canvas with his right leg now bent in the opposite direction. The referee tended to and requested the cageside physicians for Becker, who lay on the canvas in pain.

You can see the finish below, courtesy of Eternal MMA:

Warning: Video below is graphic. Please proceed with caution.

Becker has since addressed his injury and found humor in it, joking that it was an ‘early stoppage’ on social media. The 29-year-old also showered praise on his opponent and encouraged him to enjoy his new championship.

“Everybody who came out and made some noise, it was an experience I’ll never forget, I’m looking forward to feeling it again when I can,” wrote Becker. “Was all going to plan till my leg turned into a noodle.

“[Aidan Aguilera] I’m glad the belt is bequeathed to a man who values spicey highlights and sportsmanship,” continued Becker. “I’m sorry that’s how it went down. We deserved more than 22 seconds after the wait we had to perform. Defend the belt and enjoy it cos [sic] you deserve to.”

Aguilera sent well wishes to Becker in his response to the fight and its unfortunate ending.

“You don’t play MMA, it can be incredibly unforgiving and cruel,” wrote Aguilera. “Nothing but respect for [Jack Becker] on how he conducts himself inside and outside the cage. After it happened his first concern was sitting up so he could gesture to the crowd that he was ok - took it like an absolute gangster and was able to have a laugh even before the green whistle was brought in.

“You’re a champion Jack and I hope to represent the same qualities in my reign,” continued Aguilera. “I have no doubt you have the strength and grit to get through the tough road ahead and I look forward to seeing you back.”

Considered one of the best prospects in Australia and New Zealand, Becker now holds a record of 10-3 as a professional. He was on a three-fight win streak that included a title-winning effort and subsequent defense against Daniel Hill and Brentin Mumford at Eternal MMA 61 and Eternal MMA 63, respectively.

Prior to his fight against Aguilera, Becker spoke to Ryan Jarrell of All Access MMA and said he hoped a win would earn him a UFC opportunity. That will have to wait as he recovers from his leg injury.