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You’re still a ‘little boy’ - Jorge Masvidal accuses ‘fake’ Conor McGregor of steroid use

Jorge Masvidal says Conor McGregor is shooting up steroids.

Conor McGregor looking a lot bigger in France, during The 75th Annual Cannes Film Festival Photo by Edward Berthelot/GC Images

Conor McGregor has put on quite a bit of weight during his time away from the Octagon, and said he doesn’t see himself ever coming back to 155 lbs again. Jorge Masvidal seems to think that increase in mass comes from the use of performance enhancing drugs.

Masvidal, who welcomes a potential fight against McGregor, accused the Irishman of steroid use in a recent interview. Gamebred called McGregor “fake” and says he will always be a “little boy” to him, despite his supposed attempts to get bigger through banned substances.

“He is fake,” Masvidal told ESPN Deportes in Spanish. “He knows that I am a man who hits hard and that I come to kill. I don’t come to hug in the cage. I’m going to give everything inside me to kill him.

“I’m a little bigger. Although now he’s shooting up and putting steroids and all kinds of things, but he’s still a little boy,” he said.

“I would love to fight at 170 pounds, but I don’t wait for anyone. If he wants to do it, I will break his face. If he doesn’t want to, let the next one come.”

The 37-year-old veteran is on a three-fight skid against the elite of the division, and vows to improve his conditioning and be in the “best shape of my life” in order to get back on track. Masvidal “guaranteed” a return later this year, and believes that he’ll only need two wins to get him back in title contention.

McGregor is currently recovering from his shin break last year, and is already back to sparring. Although he is progressing and called for a title fight at 170 lbs, there is still no date on his return.