WEC NEVER DIE. More weight classes for the 155/lightweight and under lighter fighters would be amazing

**Boxing has 4 major world titles:**

- WBA (World Boxing Association), founded in 1921

- WBC (World Boxing Council), founded in 1963

- IBF (International Boxing Federation), founded in 1976

- WBO (World Boxing Organization), founded in 1988

**Currently the weight classes in boxing consists of:**

1. Heavyweight: 201lbs+

2. Cruiserweight: 200lbs

3. Light Heavyweight: 175lbs

4. Super Middleweight: 168lbs

5. Middleweight: 160lbs

6. Super Welterweight / Junior Middleweight / Light Middleweight: 154lbs

7. Welterweight: 147lbs

8. Super Lightweight / Junior Welterweight / Light Welterweight: 140lbs

9. Lightweight: 135lbs

10. Super Featherweight / Junior Lightweight: 130lbs

11. Featherweight: 126lbs

12. Super Bantamweight / Junior Featherweight: 122lbs

13. Bantamweight: 118lbs

14. Super Flyweight / Junior Bantamweight: 115lbs

15. Flyweight: 112lbs

16. Junior Flyweight / Light Flyweight: 108lbs

17. Mini Flyweight / Minimumweight / Strawweight: 105lbs

18. Light minimumweight / Atomweight / Junior Mini Flyweight: 102lbs

**How MMA becomes boxing and more weight classes but with only 1 name and no weird weight classes differences of 6-7 lbs like in boxing:**

1. Heavweight: 206lbs+

2. Light Heavyweight: 205lbs

3. Franklinweight: 195lbs

4. Middleweight: 185lbs

5. Super Welterweight: 175lbs

6. Dana’s Welterweight: 170lbs

7. Light Welterweight: 165lbs (see Kevin Lee and Khabib vs Diego Sanchez)

8. Super Lightweight: 160lbs (ushered in via The Almight Pride 160lbs super fight between Takanori Gomi vs. Nickolas Diazu)

9. Lightweight: 155lbs

10. Super Featherweight: 150lbs (Adam Borics said he would "love" a 150lbs division... give Daniel Hooker The Hungman another division to try)

11. Featherweight: 145lbs

12. Super Bantamweight: 140lbs (the super fights between featherweights and bantamweights would be incredible. Ain’t NOBODY complaining about the high level skilled boxing matches going on at 147 and below. Bud, spence, Inoue, Donaire, Loma, Teo. Kambosos, chocolitito, Sriskaset Sor Rungvisai, shakur. MMA UNDER 155 WEC NEVER DIE.

13. Bantamweight: 135lbs

14. Super Flyweight: 130lbs (FIG VS YAN) smaller guys require more weight classes boxing gets it. Just imagine a WEC promotion rebirth with weight classes 155-125 with the 3 new ones super fly (goat weight class name if implemented), super ban (kinda like superbon) and super feather (some super Mario power up shit). It would Be high level, highhhh level

15. Flyweight: 125lbs

16. Light Flyweight / Super Strawweight just cause: 120lbs

17. Strawweight: 115lbs

18. Super Atomweight: 110lbs

19. Atomweight: 105lbs

20. Centuryweight: 100lbs

21. Miniweight: 95lbs

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