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Report: UFC vet Mark Muñoz will lose HS job after allowing students to settle rift by boxing

UFC veteran Mark Muñoz was reportedly placed on administrative leave for letting two young students boxing each other.

Mark Munoz Photo by Anton Tabuena Anton Tabuena

UFC veteran Mark Muñoz is in a bit of trouble as of late. According to a report by TMZ, the 44-year-old retired fighter was placed on administrative leave from his job as a high school wrestling coach because he allowed two students to engage in a playground boxing match.

According to sources close to the situation, the two kids approached Muñoz to ask him if they could settle their rift by lacing a pair of gloves and duking it out. “The Filipino Wrecking Machine” reportedly agreed.

Per the report, the incident was “more jovial than violent.” However, the parents of both children were understandably enraged and decided to escalate the situation to the school administration.

A spokesperson for Anaheim’s Fairmont Private Schools later confirmed with TMZ that Muñoz has been sanctioned and will not have his contract renewed once it lapses.

“[He] will not be returning to campus,” the spokesperson said of Muñoz, who has been employed by the school since September 2020.

Muñoz (14-6) was known for his wrestling prowess in the UFC’s middleweight division and holds notable wins over Chris Leben and Demian Maia. He ended his career in 2015 in his parents’ native country of the Philippines with a win over TUF alum Luke Barnatt.