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Conor McGregor names the only fighter to ‘put a scratch’ on him (and it’s not who you think)

McGregor had one of his infamous tweet and delete storms last night.

Conor McGregor body language breakdown.

Conor McGregor loves a bit of the old Twitter machine. Last night, the former UFC champion did what he has done many times before; rant wildly into the void with a series of aggressive tweets which he would later delete.

Among this latest barrage was an interesting claim regarding his past opponents. Chiefly, he stated that only one man was ever able to “put a scratch” on him.

I know what you’re thinking. We’ve seen McGregor bloodied up a few times over the course of his career. The Irishman’s second battle with Nate Diaz was especially gorey, he was put to sleep by Dustin Poirier and even in his 13-second fight with Jose Aldo the Brazilian was able to land a blow that caused a trickle of claret from his brow.

However, McGregor didn’t name any of those men as the owner of blows that left any kind of mark on him.

“Them elbows are no joke. Nor the upkicks. Everyone’s ground and pound is piss,” penned McGregor. “Not a scratch has there ever been on me. Mendes only one. Fair play all the same; bare-knuckle Chad.”

McGregor fought Chad Mendes in 2015 and won by second round TKO. During the fight Mendes got some licks in on the ground and was able to open up a large cut on the right side of McGregor’s face.

Mendes left the UFC three years later. Recently he appeared in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships, scoring a TKO in his debut fight.

McGregor’s win over Mendes set him up for his historic UFC featherweight title win over Aldo. An inconsistent run in the Octagon and a slew of controversies have followed since then.

McGregor’s most recent UFC appearance was at last year’s UFC 264. There he suffered a broken leg against Dustin Poirier, resulting in a TKO loss. The aftermath of that fight was punctuated with more tweet-and-delete behaviour from McGregor, some of which appeared to threaten Poirier’s family.

It is assumed that McGregor, now healed from the broken leg, will make a return to the cage sometime this year.