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Jake Paul: I would beat Floyd Mayweather and Anderson Silva in the same night

Jake Paul wants to box Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Anderson Silva on the same night.

YouTuber Jake Paul believes he would beat boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. and former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva on the same night.

The 5-0 boxer, who has made a career of beating retired MMA fighters, posted the following Tweet during last night’s Global Titans Fight Series event at Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi, UAE where Mayweather and Silva both put on dominant performances in exhibition bouts with Don Moore and Bruno Machado.

“I would beat Floyd and Anderson in the same night,” Paul posted.

The YouTube star also posted the following photo, a clear reference to Anderson’s nickname “The Spider”, following Silva’s non-scored exhibition match with Machado.

Silva largely dominated Machado throughout the contest and even scored a knockdown in the 5th round after catching his opponent with a flurry of punches against the ropes. The 47-year-old talked about a possible boxing match with Paul prior to Saturday’s matchup, telling Sports Illustrated “it’s possible” and that “people need to respect the Paul brothers.”

Mayweather, who also dropped his opponent in last night’s main event, got into a scuffle with Paul last year at the Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul press conference in Miami, Florida. The 50-0 boxer fought Jake’s older brother Logan in an eight-round exhibition that saw the latter go the distance in what many felt was a glorified sparring match.

Jake has since accused Mayweather of scamming the IRS and not paying Logan his full fight purse.