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Videos: Watch Anderson Silva, Floyd Mayweather score knockdowns in exhibition boxing bouts

Anderson Silva and Floyd Mayweather put on good performances in each of their exhibition bouts in Abu Dhabi.

It wasn’t on a skyscraper helipad anymore, but Floyd Mayweather and Anderson Silva still tried to put on a show at the Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi.

The UFC legend in Silva is now 47-years-old, while the boxing legend in Mayweather is 45, but they still dominated their exhibition bouts against Bruno Machado and Don Moore, respectively.

Silva picked Machado apart and landed a knockdown in the fifth round. Mayweather showboated and did the same, landing a body shot knockdown in the eight. Both survived and made it to the final bell, and with it being exhibitions, no winner was declared.

After the contest, Mayweather teased another return to UAE this year.

“I told the fans I’m here to entertain, have fun,” Mayweather said. “I will bring another fight here this year. Absolutely. It’s a secret. I don’t want to let the cat out the bag right now but we have an opponent.”

Watch highlights from the two bouts below.

Silva’s knockdown of Machado:

Mayweather vs Moore: