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‘I’m back’ - Jake Paul announces boxing return

Jake Paul’s next boxing match is apparently set.

Just a couple of days after co-promoting the biggest women’s boxing fight ever, Jake Paul has removed his promoter hat and will be going back to competing again. The social media influencer turned boxer took to twitter to announce the date for his next fight.

“I’m back,” Paul wrote. “August 13th.”

Paul’s teaser didn’t include an opponent, but it’ll be interesting to see who his camp chooses next. He has impressed in his five wins, but one of the talking points against him is how he hasn’t faced “a real boxer” just yet.

It’s really common for boxers starting out in their careers to face subpar competition — with terrible records — as they try to progress in the pro ranks. So although it’s not entirely fair, Paul has been heavily criticized for beating a YouTuber, an NBA player, and two wrestling-based MMA veterans in Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley.

That narrative is also shown in the replies to his announcement, including this one from UFC prospect Terrance McKinney:

Paul previously had a bout with Tommy Fury set, but was scrapped at the last minute with Woodley stepping in on short notice. He also had a public back-and-forth with former UFC champion Michael Bisping about a possible fight — which would need to bypass any serious sanctioning body to even make it happen.