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Ouch! Watch fan rush Octagon, get literally tossed out by UFC 274 security

Some side action apparently went down right after UFC 274’s main event between Charles Oliveira and Justin Gaethje.

A random fan sprints towards the cage right after UFC 274’s main event.
A random fan sprints towards the cage right after UFC 274’s main event.

UFC fight nights can indeed bring out the crazy in people. All that adrenaline and energy in a packed arena makes one want to do something they’d probably never before.

This is likely the story of this one fan at UFC 274, who is seen rushing towards the cage in the video below. The young woman was talking to the camera before stepping over the barrier and sprinting towards the cage.

Reports say this happened right after Charles Oliveira submitted Justin Gaethje in the main event.

As many expected, this story did not end well. Security acted swiftly as the young lady literally flew off the Octagon platform. MMA Fighting got to speak with an official from the Footprint Center’s security team and confirmed that the fan was immediately attended to by the medical staff and was left uninjured.

“It was swiftly dealt with and she was ejected from the arena,” the official confirmed.

This little moment should serve as a lesson for anyone attempting to pull off the same stunt. Not only do you fail to get brownie points for your futile efforts, but you also turn into an unwanted viral sensation for the next few weeks.