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Snap! - Watch Anna Somers break Irlanda Galindo’s arm at Combate Global

Apologies in advance for what you’re about to see and hear. 

Anna Somers snaps Irlanda Galindo’s arm at Combate Global
Screenshot from broadcast via @Pelunaton

Anna Somers earned the first win of her professional career in gruesome fashion.

Somers met Irlanda Galindo in a catchweight (114 lbs.) fight at Combate Global on Friday night. It was the promotional debut for the ‘Hon’KNEE’ Badger,’ who added quite the highlight to her resume.

Toward the end of the first round, Somers had Galindo trapped in a triangle choke before she decided to focus on the isolated right arm of her opponent. A kimura was now applied, and Somers yanked the arm in the opposite direction until a sickening snap sounded throughout Cisneros Studios. The referee stepped in immediately to stop the fight.

“Somers snapping the arm of Galindo, oh my! And you could hear it!,” exclaimed the color commentator just as the contest was waved off.

You can watch the video below, courtesy of Twitter user Pelunaton:

Warning: The video below is graphic. Please proceed with caution.

Somers has now improved to 1-1 with the win. Galindo dropped to 1-2, having also lost to Gloria Bravo via unanimous decision at Combate: Bravo vs. Whitney this past September.