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Logan Paul recounts the time he trained in Sweden and was mean-mugged by ‘badass’ with ‘a big beard’

Logan Paul was mean-mugged by a future UFC star.

Ahead of UFC 273, Logan Paul shared a pretty funny story of his experience training at an MMA gym in Stockholm, Sweden a few years ago. Apparently, the social media influencer turned boxer was mean-mugged by one of the fighters.

“I went to Sweden to train for a couple of weeks, and I went to this gym. I looked over and there was this guy, kind of staring at me — big beard, looked like a badass. It was where Gustafsson trained. And months later, this guy named Khamzat Chimaev is making an incredible UFC run, and I’m like ‘oh my god, that was the guy that was mean mugging me at that one gym in the middle of Sweden, in Stockholm.’”

Paul was referring to the time he visited the AllStar Training Center in Sweden in 2019. That was before he made his pro-boxing debut, and before Chimaev even made it to the UFC. As Paul mentioned, Chimaev was signed by the UFC soon after, where he would go on to win three fights in two months, all by stoppage.

Two years after their training session, and with their combat sports careers on the rise, Chimaev decided to call out both Jake and Logan Paul. Unfortunately for him, while Logan did mention a name he wants for a possible UFC bout, it looks like he isn’t interested in Chimaev.

“We showed up at the gym. I sparred a couple of their guys. They didn’t let me spar Khamzat, but yeah, he’s a f—king dog! I’m not doing MMA with him, no way,” Paul said. “I’d box him for sure, I’d be more than happy to box him. But that’s the problem, all these UFC fighters are locked up! It’s hard to get a fight with any of them.”

Paul also revealed the real reason he was in Sweden that year.

“I was (in Sweden) recording an album. Look I try a lot of shit, dude. That’s not coming out,” Paul said with a laugh. “My producer was there. A lot of amazing and very talented music producers are Swedish. (It was not rap. It was) clean, it was full-on singing. It’s very bad.”