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UFC 273 video: Embedded, part 3 - ‘Nothing like meat off the bone’

Check out the third episode of Embedded for UFC 273.

UFC 273 is almost here, and as usual, Embedded is here as well. The show that gives you an inside look at the marquee contestants on PPVs has issued the third episode for this weekend’s big show in Jacksonville, and it serves as a brief introduction to the fighters at the top of the card.

We start off in New York with Aljamain Sterling, who is narrating a drive through his hood from when he was a kid. He’s proud of how it’s come along. He talks to a few people as he enters a restaurant that wish him luck. And gets a free sandwich out of the deal.

Gilbert Burns time. He does a stretching exercise as he talks about thinking he was going to get the Khamzat Chimaev fight all along. He doesn’t think his opponent is overhyped, he’s just happy to get that shot. It’s a risky fight for him based on rankings, but it’s all about another title shot for him.

The Korean Zombie arrives in Jacksonville and at the fighter hotel. He’s happy to be there. Alexander Volkanovski sits down for dinner with his team and gets some steak-cooking tips while his coach clowns on him. He really likes Brad Riddell’s steak.

Finally, Khamzat is here! Along with his bff Darren Till of course. They play-fight their way off the bus. Till explains how their friendship came about. Aww. They FaceTime with Till’s kiddo before Chimaev tries his gloves on. Till basically says real recognize real. Chimaev is repeating the same mantra as always - smash someone, take their head, take their money, go home and rest. Hard not to like that mentality and confidence.

And that’s it! UFC 273 goes down Saturday night in Jax.