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WTF: Wanderlei Silva watches fake No-Touch martial artist get exposed by MMA fighter

Wanna see an old guy that never learns embarrass himself? Don’t answer that, of course you do.

Welcome back, kids. We’ve got violence of all stripes for your perusal and some odd relics of the past as well. Not only that, but there’s some great technique on display, to boot.

We begin with a classic of all martial arts videos, the Kiai master that got busted open by an MMA master. In what was a perfect confluence of bad Bullshido instructor videos and MMA shaking the table and changing the landscape for training expectations, it was a simple but shocking video to witness in its day.

Jerry from Fight Commentary Breakdowns gets into it at the start in this video, but to recap: a no-touch master accepted a challenge from a guy that had actual sparring experience and found that he was in fact very capable of being touched. And boy howdy, did my mans get touched.

But did you know there was another challenge video?

Turns out the same guy had another challenge take place five years later, and he came back with stronger... energy. Footage is provided here from a Japanese game show that had the no-touch master in a challenge match against an MMA fighter in a Sumo challenge. PRIDE legend Wanderlei Silva also happened to be in attendance in all of this.

Minor spoiler: the magic stuff doesn’t work. It’s not as bad or as graphic as the first one, but if I ever reach that age and engage in anything even 30% as goofy as this, please institutionalize me. There’s no reason for a man with a family to embarrass himself like this in front of millions.

Next up, Dambe Warriors gives us what they’ve billed as their bloodiest battle yet. There’s a fair amount of clinchwork early in this one, and a lot of strikes thrown and landed. Despite the title, not as bloody as I expected, but your mileage may vary:

Karate Combat is about to return in the next few weeks, but until then, we’ve got the fastest knockout in the organization’s brief history:

Even caught him on the way down. They go hard in this league, man.

Courtesy of SamboFIAS, here’s some international Sambo highlights:

We’ve also got some Sumo to scratch the itch, courtesy of YouTube user DonDon. Check out some January highlights right here:

International Lethwei Federation Japan dropped another one. This one’s got a lot of hands being thrown. Don’t be thrilled by the big ring and bright lights, this is just as gritty as the smaller venues in Myanmar.

And to accompany that, here’s a tribute/compilation video featuring all manner of Lethwei knockouts:

Finally, another silly feature to add some levity to your week. Dutch ninja Titus Jansen provided some content for us back in the day, and seems to have fallen off the face of the earth. Bask in the glory that is his ninja demo reel:

The man clearly logged in a lot of Naruto hours. The Ninja Sneak Walk is one of my personal favorites.