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Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano scorecards: 10-8? Here’s how judges ended up with a split decision

Check out the Taylor vs Serrano scorecards.

Katie Taylor v Amanda Serrano - Undisputed Lightweight Championship Fight Photo By Stephen McCarthy/Sportsfile via Getty Images

There were a lot of expectations coming into the massive bout between Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano, but the contest still somehow exceeded expectations. After a wild back-and-forth contest, it ended as a split decision with Taylor taking a win.

The official scorecards have been released, and it showed the crucial latter rounds that decided the contest. While Serrano won rounds and badly hurt Taylor in the fifth, it was Taylor’s late rally that secured the decision.

As shown on the photo below, two of the three judges gave Taylor the final four rounds, while the other gave her the final three. Interestingly enough, Judge Guido Cavalleri even gave Serrano a 10-8 round for her dominant fifth round. It still wasn’t enough though, as those final rounds were crucial and won Taylor the entertaining and closely contested championship bout.

Judge Guido Cavalleri scored it 96-93 for Taylor, Judge Benoit Roussel scored it 96-94 Serrano, and Judge Glenn Feldman scored it 97-93 Taylor.