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Best ever! - Watch Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano full fight video highlights

Watch video from Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano.

In a landmark event for women’s boxing, Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano headlined a massive and highly anticipated card in Madison Square Garden. In a clash of two of the best in the business, Taylor came in as the undefeated and undisputed lightweight champion, while the featherweight queen in Serrano looked to add those titles to her collection as a seven division world champion.

The contest had a big fight feel throughout the week. Despite all the hype and it being billed as the biggest women’s fight ever, the contest still exceeded expectations and delivered. Both women threw down, and the only thing missing was how these top level world champions still have to fight in two minute rounds.

Serrano took some of the early and middle rounds, even badly hurting Taylor in one round. But after 10 rounds of a lot of back-and-forth action and some wild exchanges, Taylor rallied at the end and earned a close split decision win.

Watch highlights from the contest, along with a snippet from our play-by-play of the bout below:

Round 9 - They’re trading in close again in the center of the ring. Good left hand by Taylor. Counter right by Taylor. Right hand by Serrano and a clinch from Taylor. Taylor stumbled but it might have been a balance thing. Right hand by Serrano. Right hand by Taylor! Serrano’s punches coming more slowly! Taylor looking fresher. Good left hook by Taylor. Nice combo by Taylor. Winging right by Taylor! Hard right by Taylor! And she’s got momentum! I think it’s 86-85 Taylor.

Round 10 - Final two minutes! They’re laying it all on the line. Crowd is going berserk. Short lefts by Serrano in close. Taylor clinching up. A left hook by Taylor. Big right hook by Serrano! Short uppercut by Serrano. Serrano is cut! Taylor firing away! Both women scoring big! 30 seconds to go! It’s too close to call. What a combo by Taylor! Serrano responds right back and they’re both firing away haymakers! Taylor’s knees buckle! But Serrano is getting tagged hard!!! THEY SLUG IT OUT! THIS IS AMAZING! WHAT A FIGHT! 96-94 Taylor but it could go in any direction.

Official result: Katie Taylor def. Amanda Serrano by split decision (96-94 Serrano, 97-93 Taylor, 96-93 Taylor) to remain the undisputed lightweight champion