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Video: Marlon Vera rocks Rob Font several times in UFC Vegas 53 main event

Check out the full fight video highlights of Rob Font vs. Marlon Vera in the UFC Vegas 53 main event. 

The top of the UFC Vegas 53 billing was the setting where the company’s #8 rated bantamweight, Marlon Vera, won a unanimous decision over the #5 ranked, Rob Font. The volume was on the side of Font, but the damage was predominantly done by Chito.

Font showed up ready to go, landing plenty of jabs and crosses in the opening round. The same sort of volume was deployed by Font in the second stanza, but towards the end of the round a leaping left hook from Vera dropped Rob. Chito then tried to finish with elbows, but ran out of time.

The third round saw Font return to his volume, but a knee from Chito at the end of the round dropped him again. Vera tried to end the night early, but again the round ended before he could get it done. The fourth frame is where Chito landed a beautiful hook kick that dropped Font yet again. This time, Chito just stood above Rob and kicked his legs. Font kept throwing volume in the fifth round, but he was again dazed with a hook kick. Chito ate a lot of strikes, but wore them all well and returned much heavier firepower.

Check out our description of round-two of Rob Font vs. Marlon Vera:


Font went right back to touching his target with his hands in the second round. Chito responded with a pretty spinning back kick to the body, but Font was still throwing volume. The kicks were still the primary weapon for Vera, as he attacked the legs and the body. Then, a big leaping left hook dropped Font, and the round ended with Chito dropping tomahawk elbows.

Marlon Vera def. Rob Font by unanimous decision (49-46 x2, 48-47): Bantamweight