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Covington accuses Masvidal of causing brain injury, judge issue ‘Gamebred’ a ‘stay away’ order

The assault case against Jorge Masvidal for his alleged attack on Colby Covington is moving forward with some interesting developments.

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It turns out that getting Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington in the cage together was just the start of their feud. The former friends and roommates, who had been sparring through the media going all the way back to 2019, finally faced off earlier this year, at UFC 272 — with Covington winning that bout by decision.

On March 22st, just two weeks following their fight, Masvidal apparently tracked Covington to a Miami Beach restaurant, where he is said to have blindsided ‘Chaos’ with a pair of punches to the eye and jaw. Initially, Covington was reported to have suffered a broken tooth and wrist abrasion as a result of the incident, but a recent court hearing for the case revealed that Covington’s team is now claiming that the fighter suffered a “brain injury” in the alleged assault as well.

Masvidal faces two felony charges in relation to the event. One of aggravated battery, including the claim that ‘Gamebred’ struck Covington with a “deadly weapon,” referring to the fighter’s fists. The other relates to $15,000 in property damage, related to a $90,000 Rolex watch Covington was said to have been wearing at the time. Masvidal has pled “not guilty” to both counts and claimed, in a March hearing with NSAC over licensing, that he was engaged in “a mutual combatance with another athlete.”

Lawyers for Masvidal indicated to the court that they will contest the charges, likely including a motion to inspect the reported damage to Covington’s watch and to inspect his medical tests.

Alongside the charges, Masvidal has also been issued with a “stay away” order by Judge Zachary James, of Florida’s 11th Circuit Court—meaning that he cannot come within 25-feet of Covington, or within 500 feet of Covington’s home and he is not allowed either direct or indirect contact with Covington, who claimed to be “in fear” of Masvidal as a result of the alleged altercation.

The next court date for the case has been set for May 12th. Stay tuned to Bloody Elbow for more news and updates.