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‘I think I’d submit him quite easily’ — Paddy Pimblett confident he would beat Logan Paul

Paddy Pimblett is open to fight Logan Paul in the UFC.

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British fan favorite Paddy Pimblett is confident he would submit YouTuber Logan Paul “quite easily and quite quickly” despite being at a considerable size disadvantage.

Pimblett (18-3 MMA, 2-0 UFC) responded to Paul’s recent callout on The MMA Hour and said he would like to throw down with the social media star turned wrestler and boxer in the UFC.

‘Paddy The Baddy’ is one of the fastest-growing stars in the UFC and knows a fight versus Logan would be a massive opportunity for both fighters to cash in a huge paycheck on the biggest stage in MMA.

“He knows who the boy is, don’t he? He knows we’ll put bums on seats, lad,” Pimblett told The Schmo in a recent interview. “I can’t see him mentioning anybody else. I know he’s a lot bigger than me, like, but I don’t think it really matters, to be honest. I think I’d submit him quite easily and quite quickly.”

“You never know, anything can happen in a fight, but if Logan Paul ever does want the fight lad, I’m open to hearing what numbers he’s coming at us with.”

Paul has no amateur or professional experience in MMA but the 27-year-old does have a background in NCAA Division 1 wrestling, having competed at Westlake High School in Cleveland, Ohio. Paul is looking to sign a contract with WWE following his spectacular WrestleMania 38 debut earlier this month, but the YouTube king isn’t ruling out a potential move to MMA.

As for Pimblett, the Liverpudlian will likely return to the Octagon on July 23 for the UFC’s next proposed event in the UK.