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Fight Archives: Jorge Masvidal and Joe Lauzon put on a show as 20-year-olds

UFC veterans Jorge Masvidal and Joe Lauzon once crossed paths as young fighters, and here’s what happened.

UFC veterans Jorge Masvidal and Joe Lauzon during their 2005 fight.
UFC veterans Jorge Masvidal and Joe Lauzon during their 2005 fight.

Followers of the sport know what both Jorge Masvidal and Joe Lauzon bring to the table whenever they step inside the cage. But perhaps not many would know or remember the time these two veterans crossed paths.

It happened under the Absolute Fighting Championships banner in Masvidal’s home state of Florida in 2005. “Gamebred” entered the bout with a 6-1 record but with a bunch of backyard brawls under his belt. Lauzon was undefeated with an 8-0 record.

According to the commentators including UFC veteran Din Thomas, Lauzon entered the fight on five days’ notice. But all the credit goes to him for not making it an easy night for his opponent. He made Masvidal play his game by making it a ground fight for the most part, albeit failing to capitalize completely.

But a slight tide change in round two caused a momentum shift toward Masvidal’s favor. He eventually found his groove from the top position with hard ground-and-pound shots, until the referee called a stop to the fight.

Masvidal emerged victorious via TKO, but the hat tip goes to both young men (at the time) for putting on the show that they did.

The two fighters have since gone on different paths, with Masvidal’s star shining much brighter. He is, however, currently fighting another battle outside of the Octagon. Lauzon, meanwhile, will make his UFC return after nearly three years at UFC 275 when he faces fellow veteran Donald Cerrone.

Until then, here’s a bit of nostalgia for you all.