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Jake Paul explains ‘silly callout’ to Michael Bisping, why he goes after ‘UFC champions’

Jake Paul recently went on a tirade against some of the UFC’s marquee names.

Recently, Youtuber turned pro boxer Jake Paul went at it with retired UFC Hall-of-Famer Michael Bisping. And while there were verbal agreements, nothing is expected to come out of this back-and-forth.

One of the major criticisms thrown at the “Problem Child” is his seeming fondness for calling out older MMA fighters, particularly those with a big enough name in the UFC. In a recent conversation with the media ahead of the Amanda Serrano-Katie Taylor fight this Saturday, he explained why.

“I also think it’s a silly callout (to Bisping),” the 25-year-old Paul said. That’s an easy fight for me. That’s a one-round fight. He’s an old guy, but here’s the thing about me: if someone talks shit, I have to f—k them up. I have a f—ng problem in my head.

“If someone talks shit, let’s f—ng settle it in the ring. Let’s see if you’re really about that, or if you’re just talking on Twitter. So these guys who think they’re so tough, these ‘UFC champions’ who think they’re so tough, I’ll beat the f—k out of all of them. And I got time to do it. I’m young.”

Paul continued…

“Any of them can get it. As fast as we’re getting these deals done, I’m knocking them all out. So Bisping wants to talk shit, cool. Let’s get in the ring, motherf—er. You pussy.

“If anyone wants to talk shit, get in the f—ng ring, you pussy. Masvidal, you pussy. All these guys are all talk, they’re cap, and their dad Dana f—ng owns them. They’re a bunch of f—ng pussies that hide behind the f—ng contract.”

As Daniel Cormier noted, there’s a certain former UFC champion that’s available to box but Paul isn’t calling out: Anderson Silva.

Paul’s brand of gamesmanship did land him some fights against some of MMA’s marquee names like Ben Askren, and most recently, former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, whom he knocked out in their December rematch.