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‘Quit slow rolling me’ - Nate Diaz frustrated with UFC for not booking final bout on contract

Nate Diaz still wants out.

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Despite asking since last year, Nate Diaz apparently still can’t get a fight booked.

Diaz is on the last fight on his contract, and as he’s one of the company’s biggest draws, the UFC seems to be handling this situation differently. The Stockton native has been seemingly growing impatient with the UFC after repeatedly (and publicly) asking to either get the final fight booked or to just release him.

This has been going on for months, but if his latest tweet is any indication, nothing has progressed and Diaz’s frustration is mounting.

“I been trying to fight everybody and no go what’s the hold up ufc?” Diaz wrote. “I’m not fighting Conor he sucks. I’ll fight some one quit slow rolling me please. Thanks.”

It’s interesting to see how this all develops, as the parties haven’t agreed on a new deal and Diaz is seemingly set on just completing his UFC contract to enter free agency. With Diaz being such a big draw, they likely want to maximize earnings or at least use him to build up another star, instead of just letting him walk into other promotions/sports — like a big money boxing match with Jake Paul.

A trilogy with Conor McGregor would certainly be a money maker for the UFC, but the timing of his return from that broken leg is still unknown. To reportedly buy some time, UFC is said to have extended Diaz’s contract — despite not getting a new deal done — by just using controversial tolling provisions.

Diaz isn’t interested in waiting for McGregor, so will the UFC book a different match up that they like, or will they find a way to impose that contract hold long enough?