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Video: Jessica Andrade lands UFC’s first ever standing arm triangle on Amanda Lemos

Check out the full fight video highlights of Jessica Andrade catching Amanda Lemos in a standing arm triangle in the UFC Vegas 52 main event.

The top of the UFC Vegas 52 billing was blessed with the promotion’s first-ever standing arm triangle tonight. This happened in the opening round when former 115-pound champion, Jessica Andrade, locked up the maneuver on the #10 ranked, Amanda Lemos, from the clinch up against the cage. She made a couple of adjustments to get it tight, and then Lemos was dead to rights and decided to tap out. The rareness of this submission surely makes it a candidate for Submission of the Year. Can you remember ever seeing this successfully pulled off before in high-level MMA?

Check out our description of Jessica Andrade’s insane standing sub of Amanda Lemos:


Lemos took the center right away, cracking leg kicks at the former champ. Andrade punched her way into the clinch and locked up a standing arm triangle. After a bit of a struggle and some adjusting, Andrade got the standing submission! WOW!

Jessica Andrade def. Amanda Lemos by submission (Standing Arm triangle) at 3:13 of round 1: Strawweight